How I Hacked Samsung’s Tizen OS & LG Electronics Private Project Management Instances


Months ago I discovered a flaw hackers can use to access Samsung’s and LG Electronics internal bug tracking and project management instances running on Jira. The flaw only takes a couple of commands to potentially access intranets, cause XSS and anything that SSRF can cause, including something such as,

The bug is still out there. I reported the vulnerability, and the usual BS followed which has led me to write this blog.

Usual Boring SSRF, Right?

Um, I guess you’re right, pinging is not cool, neither is causing XSS. (right?)

But, when discovered on a cloud instance though, things get a little more interesting as attackers can access the metadata instance, available via a APIPA range IP address over HTTP —, and accessible only from the target.

Samsung’s Tizen OS Bug Tracking Dashboard

In the process of researching a performance bug of Tizen OS (, I came to know about The dashboard over has severe SSRF vulnerability.

Proof of concept for XSS

Using an image metadata editor I altered EXIF metadata and crafted a malicious SVG which lead to XSS.

The payload was,

<svg xmlns="" onload="alert(document.domain)"/>

Using Jiraffe — An one stop security tool for exploiting Jira instances, I was able to quickly find that the server is hosted over Amazon AWS (fucking Bezos!) and was able to … well, I immediately stopped all testing as I didn’t want to break any rules of engagement, quickly sending in a report about my findings.


You should check out Jiraffe over @0x48piraj/Jiraffe or install it using pip —

$ pip install jiraffe


Google it. I’m not gonna deep dive into how big LG actually is.

I actually am not going to disclose the domain or the bug exactly because they sent a email just recently,

Dear PIYUSH RAJ,As we said, LG CNS is a separate company from us.
Thus, we don't also have a contact point.
We'll contact the relevant department.
Thank you.
Best Regards,

I will update the blog once the issue is resolved.

Originally published at on April 13, 2020.




Google Code-In C. Winner. GsOCer ‘19. Independent Security Researcher. Have hacked Medium, Mozilla, Opera & many more. Personal Website:

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Piyush Raj ~ Rex

Piyush Raj ~ Rex

Google Code-In C. Winner. GsOCer ‘19. Independent Security Researcher. Have hacked Medium, Mozilla, Opera & many more. Personal Website:

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