How can you stop Cyber Bullying Completely? #NewPerspective #UnpopularOpinion

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We read stories constantly surfacing about teenage cyber-bullying.

Big issue, right?
I mean, “cyber bullying” has become of it’s own!

1.STOP Cyber Bullying” Campaigns, Articles …

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2.Cyber Bullying Research Labs

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3.So many of them …

a. Tracking Cyber Bullies
b. Research Papers
c. Surveys
d. how-to’s
e. Statistical Analysed Reports
f. Innumerable Charts
Various Chat Groups, forums, communities …
h. Debates on “How bad is Cyber Bullying”, and what not!
(Even this story!)

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While these all things are okay-ish, but …

So, let’s get to the point.


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There, I said it. Now, bring on the hate comments!
(psst.. Don’t! That’ll be Cyber Bullying)

Yes, I know Cyber Bullying is a problem as I mentioned above but ..
If we’re talking Bullying, Don’t you think that the regular bullying is much worse than Cyber Bullying?

I, personally don’t believe that cyber bullying is a “big big issue”, we’ve simply made it. If we switch to “regular bullying” for a second, the problem with bullying in general is the victim feeling trapped, not able to escape, it feels like someone is bashing you to a corner to a point when you want to kill yourself as you can’t escape that torture! (You can’t stop going out, or going to school, Obviously.)

Though when it’s online, they can literally end the issue with the push of a button. You’re not forced to be there.
We have so many options!

Anyone who has been “cyber-bullied” has put it on themselves, for not blocking the offender or even deactivating their account.
Many people believe that the victim should not have to sacrifice their favorite social media website just because they’re being attacked online, but I am not so cool with it. If deleting an application or account is all that it will take to save your confidence and will prevent yourself from developing insecurities and self hatred, I think that it’s a small price to pay.

After all, if you had the chance to stop someone whom was trying to kill you, why wouldn’t you save yourself?

Never Gonna Stop …

Cyber Bullying is never going to stop, that’s how some people are.

But.., Anyone who develops a mental disorder over cyber-bullying,
(Yes, I’m talking about …)


2. Anxiety (Panic Attacks)

3.Suicidal thoughts

He or she clearly has other issues and CANNOT blame it all on the offender,

It takes more than a few words typed on a screen to bring a person to the state of wanting to KILL THEMSELVES.

Suicidal thoughts come because suicide feels like the only escape, but you CAN escape cyber-bullying by throwing off the device, or deleting your entire account. (just saying!)
Only when these attacks become real, or in person, does it become a real issue.

If you can’t handle, just don’t be on social media, there’s no shame in that!

Movements, Campaigns …

Seeing all these campaigns, these “Stop Cyber Bullying” and things …

Do you really think, any bully will think seeing a post, or a tweet that
“Oh Okay, I will stop doing it!” ?
While we can be in the “Dream Realm”, the actual answer is Nooooo!!!!

Surprisingly, most bullies don’t know that they’re “bullies”

It’s a fact.

Final Note

So, if you want to be on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or on Google+ may be?
(Though being a 17 year old, I still am, not a huge fan of social networking websites)
For example, I don’t delete my posts which gets less likes or RTs,
so & so ..

Basically, If you’re going to choose social media, learn how to deal with it!

There should be more articles on “How to deal with bullying” or campaigns with a title “We’re not scared of you, Bullies!” and we should be teaching kids lessons like “How to deal with bullying, Lesson 101”.

I know we’re are dealing, but still, the weighing needle points the other side, and by writing this story, I wanted to put some ounces to this side, our side ❤

If you are getting bullied and if you still survive it, that’s gonna make you a strong person, you live with this thought that “THERE’S NOTHING I CAN’T DO”

Thanks for reading, I love you. :)

Just hit me on @Twitter, @Linkedin or join the fun over @Instagram!

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Piyush Raj ~ Rex

Piyush Raj ~ Rex

Google Code-In C. Winner. GsOCer ‘19. Independent Security Researcher. Have hacked Medium, Mozilla, Opera & many more. Personal Website:

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