How can you stop Cyber Bullying Completely? #NewPerspective #UnpopularOpinion

A 17 year old on How to STOP Cyber bullies on their track, probably not? #FWP ?

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Big issue, right?
I mean, “cyber bullying” has become of it’s own!

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So, let’s get to the point.


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After all, if you had the chance to stop someone whom was trying to kill you, why wouldn’t you save yourself?

Never Gonna Stop …

Cyber Bullying is never going to stop, that’s how some people are.

It takes more than a few words typed on a screen to bring a person to the state of wanting to KILL THEMSELVES.

If you can’t handle, just don’t be on social media, there’s no shame in that!

Movements, Campaigns …

Surprisingly, most bullies don’t know that they’re “bullies”

Final Note

Basically, If you’re going to choose social media, learn how to deal with it!

I know we’re are dealing, but still, the weighing needle points the other side, and by writing this story, I wanted to put some ounces to this side, our side ❤

If you are getting bullied and if you still survive it, that’s gonna make you a strong person, you live with this thought that “THERE’S NOTHING I CAN’T DO”



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