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Jul 3, 2018

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Everybody knows we were not evolved from Apes

Satyapal Singh is obviously right, but, is it a big deal?

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“I am a science student and I have completed my PhD in Chemistry. Who all were the ones speaking against me? And, how many people stood by me? We should be compelled to think. We get scared of the press. If not today, tomorrow. If not tomorrow, then in 10–20 years, people will accept what I said. At least I believe that my ancestors were not apes” he said at a book launch.

Time to break some myths.

If not tomorrow, then in 10–20 years, people will accept what I said.

Instead of just saying that “our ancestors were not apes”,
Let’s raise few interesting questions.

Proving Satyapal Singh’s Statement :

Lloyd Pye an ardent Interventionist, says that Charles Darwin and his theories of evolution and natural selection are wrong or at best incomplete, as it doesn’t include the pre-history of humans. The fabled missing link between pre-humans and us is actually more like 15–30 generations of fossils missing, not just one.

These questions also apply on another theory which tells us that we and “the apes” were evolved from a common ancestor called “Hominids”.

Moral of the Story :

With great knowledge comes great responsibility. — Piyush Parker

PhD ≈ Research

Purpose of this Blog :

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