How I got intrigued to hack Crypto Ground when I failed to enter into college competition

Patience is indeed* a virtue — bug bounty


Hacking Medium #1: Exported Android Activity Fiasco

Medium Hacking Stories by Piyush Raj ~ Rex (0x48piraj)

Catching a low-hanging juicy fruit through Options Bleed


…and the idiocy that followed



Hacking user-base of 1,214,000+ including Sony, Dell, Cisco, DHL, Yale, University of Phoenix

Write-up of all the TJCTF-2018 challenges

Repository no longer available.

TJCTF 2018

Problem List

Table of Content

  • Blank (5 points)
  • Trippy…

Using Jiraffe security tool to find low-hanging fruits


Piyush Raj ~ Rex

Google Code-In C. Winner. GsOCer ‘19. Independent Security Researcher. Have hacked Medium, Mozilla, Opera & many more. Personal Website:

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